Our Mission:




BuildSA is where the industry come together to share experience and insight into the digital tools we use in design and construction. BuildSA is Architecture, Engineering, Manufacture and Building within South Australia and abroad.



Our Mission

BuildSA is a series of seminars run throughout the year with a focus on bridging the gap between what BIM promises and how it is actually delivered on projects in South Australia and abroad. BuildSA gives industry leading and proved workflow solutions for anyone interested in getting the most out of BIM .

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Our Impact

Emerging from the former Revit User Group of SA (RUGSA), BuildSA was established in 2015. Founders Stewart Caldwell and Michael Clothier wanted to change the narrative, and lift the conversation from the software and hardware level, to the strategic and decision making level.

Over the years, BuildSA has been incredibly successful in increasing awareness, sharing knowledge, forming alliances and networking.



Tickets Sold

Over the years since the very first BuildSA event we have sold over 1357 tickets - a number that continues to climb




Over 14 events and 4 end of year events, we have delivered to the industry over 92 presentations



Community Reach

The BuildSA community grows with each event, allowing more and more industry participants to collaborate more effectively


Content Streams

The content presented at our BuildSA events aims to cover a wide range of topics, interest, and information.

We cover everything from:

  • Architecture
    - Design, Programming, Technology, Workflow, Modelling

  • Engineering
    - Structure, Services, Modelling, Drafting, Coordination

  • Manufacturing
    - Steelwork, Precast, Prefabrication

  • Construction
    - Field Technology, COordination, Programming, Cost


BIM and the supply chain

It won’t be about software - it will be about people forming integrated project teams to produce better designed, more sustainable and better built and maintained buildings for tomorrow.

John Held, Russell & Yelland Architects



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